Parkinson Wellness Project

...fitness classes have been specifically designed to provide multiple levels of intensity, specificity & complexity.

Our goal is to ensure whichever classes you take, they will offer the neuroprotection & neuroplasticity needed to better live with parkinson disease.

PWP classes, taken at the appropriate level, will allow you to maintain/improve your ability to:

  • Get in & out of chair/car/bed with ease
  • Move about the city during daily activities
  • Dress independently
  • Perform daily tasks
  • Delay the progression of PD symptoms

Our classes are based on PWR! Basic4 moves. Incorporating large amplitude, high effort and attention to action in multiples postures (floor, hands & knees, sitting and standing) these moves target the main areas which interfere with mobility.


downtown victoria

Saint Nicholas Church 

1112 Caledonia Ave, Victoria, BC

Monday and Wednesdays at 11:30-12:30

Fridays at 9:30am-10:30



Greenglade Community Centre 

2151 Lannon Way, Sidney, BC V8L 3Z1

Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 12:30-1:30


All PWP classes are set in a welcoming, supportive environment where the focus is on functional movement, balance, strength & endurance, cognition and FUN!

All classes are taught by certified instructors with training in Parkinson's disease. There will be clear, safe instructions & option exercises for any special concerns you may have.


Have questions about upcoming or current classes? We'd love to hear from you. Send us a message and we'll respond as soon as possible!

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