Sukhi Rai


In this issue of the PWP Newsletter we present to you Sukhi Rai!
Sukhi is one of the original members (class participant and past board member) of PWP all the way back to when it was ParkinGo! Sukhi has lived with Parkinson's disease for nine years, and has navigated the ever changing nature of the disease with grace. Read below for some tips and tricks which help him swim this sea. 

1. How long have you been with Parkinson Wellness Project?
I started attending classes in Victoria for almost 3 years.

2. What are your challenges with change?
It is now almost 9 years since my diagnosis and as is the case with many people living with PD I have faced many changes as the disease has progressed. I find the major challenge with change comes with the mental struggle; the grieving over having to leave my occupation, the sadness in giving up my driver’s licence, and accepting the changes in the body as PD progresses

3. What helps keep you grounded during times of change?
My spiritual community and the support of my wife, children and extended family. Their faith in me means the world to me. Also, I am inspired by others living with PD who I have met in PD support groups or at PD exercise classes. It's comforting that you are not alone in your PD journey.

4. Do you have any advice for people first diagnosed as they overcome the changes ahead?
My advice for those newly-diagnosed is for them to resist the temptation to withdraw and instead stay connected with your community. This means reaching out to organizations such as PWP, Headway and Parkinson’s BC. All three organizations ensure you are not alone in your PD journey. Personally, I gained great benefits in belonging to a PD support group and being part of the PD exercise classes run by PWP. The exercise classes are as beneficial for your mental health as they are for your physical well-being.

5.What does the Parkinson Wellness Project mean to you?
PWP means the world to me as it provides a safe and enjoyable environment to strive to be the best you can be for that day. I am grateful in being part of the positive energy established by our great instructors and the other participants of the classes