When I think of service, I think of volunteering for the benefit of someone else. When people care about a common cause they join together and take action to make their community better. Everyone who has come together and volunteered for Parkinson Wellness Project (PWP) in Victoria BC has made an incredible impact on our success in opening an amazing space. 

We started out as a small community, six of us trying to understand our journey with Parkinson’s disease. This was the beginning and it was a beautiful thing we had started to create together. More volunteers joined us and not too long after,  we were able to expand to a location downtown. 

Our board is a volunteer working board. When each member joined, they became part of a network of volunteers for PWP with a common goal of helping our Greater Victoria Parkinson’s community to live well today through specific exercises that can change the way we move and live with Parkinson’s. 

Each of us who are part of our larger family now, are working together to make a difference. Unique friendships have developed amongst us as PWP volunteers have formed meaningful connections that will last throughout everyone’s journey with Parkinson’s disease and their families here in Victoria BC. 

Volunteering for PWP will change your life. Leadership opportunities and helping people who are in need of support will expand your life experiences. There is great opportunity to connect with professionals who you can build relationships in other aspects of your life. The passion you bring to our community will help you to see the world from a different outlook. Come join us!