Parkinson's Awareness Month

April is Parkinson's Awareness Month!

2018 marks the 201st anniversary of Parkinson's disease (PD). Parkinson Wellness Project started with the simple goal to help people living with PD live better today through safe effective evidence based exercise programs.


Sing in Support Event on April 7th, 2018


Video performance of “I’m a Believer” written by Neil Diamond from the Sing in Support event!

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Benefits of Exercise - A Stronger Body Leads to Better Movement

The amazing health benefits of EXERCISE are becoming more accepted and common knowledge. Exercise, in all people, has positive effects on overall strength, cardiovascular health, fatigue, weight management and self esteem. With Parkinson’s Disease, however, due to the physical and cognitive changes associated with the disease, exercise takes on even greater importance. Parkinson's routinely leads to muscles feeling weaker and tighter, uncoordinated and uncontrolled movements, and more energy expended to complete daily tasks. 

Exercise, at any stage of life or disease, will almost always help! It's never too late to start reaping benefits of regular exercise including Improved strength, agility and posture, improved endurance, ability to avoid constipation and sound, restful sleep. The list goes on! Consistent and meaningful exercise can also delay, or reduce, problems and progression of Parkinson's, such as balance, posture and flexibility to help you live better TODAY! 

This week, - PWP, Parkinson Wellness Project – an innovative Victoria program built around vigorous exercise is featured on the CBC website. The article does a great job expressing the importance of exercise, as well as introducing a Parkinson's community centre where innovative programs will be available. To read the article, click on the button below.

If you are interested in attending a class for the first time, take a look at the classes we currently offer in Greater Victoria and Sidney. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Operations Manager at

Be well!

PWP in the News

Jillian and her team have been working hard this past week spreading the word about the Parkinson Wellness Project. 

Key Messages:

- Parkinsons Wellness Project (PWP), formerly ParkinGo, announces a new name! The new name was chosen to help better link the goal of the organization: to support those with Parkinson's. 

- A $500,000 anonymous donation helps to open the doors of a new Parkinson's Wellness centre right here in Victoria. PWP's aim is to support those living with Parkinson's live better today through exercise! 

- PWP hopes to open their doors in the Winter of 2017/2018. Until then stay tuned for updates about the centre by signing up for our e-newsletter or checking the website. 

It is so very exciting to be announcing the new centre. But for now its back to work to get these doors open!